2020–21 Medical Humanities HALC Student Fellows & Fellowship Recipients

HALC Student Fellows

Meet the inaugural Medical Humanities HALC (Humanities: Arts, Literature, and Cultures) Student Fellows!

Portrait of Peter DiGiovanni (2020–21 HALC Medical Humanities Student Fellow)

Peter DiGiovanni

Affiliation: Georgetown College, Class of 2021

Bio: Peter is a pre-medical student majoring in Italian Studies. Beyond academics, he is a researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital, a leader of the non-profit organization The Farmlink Project, and the Senior Assistant to one of the Deans at Georgetown Medical School. He enjoys nature and athletics, currently rowing as a member of the Division I Lightweight Crew team.

Portrait of Haeseong Lee (2020–21 HALC Medical Humanities Student Fellow)

Haeseong Lee

Affiliation: Georgetown College, Class of 2021

Bio: Haeseong is a senior in the College studying economics and pre-health sciences. Upon graduating, he will attend NYU College of Dentistry, where he hopes to discover new ways to address barriers to dental care and humanize the experience of providing oral health care.  

Fellowship Recipients

Meet the 2020–21 Medical Humanities fellowship recipients and read more about their in-progress projects below.

Portrait of Elisa Reverman

Elisa Reverman

Project Title: The Medicalization of Asian Embodiment

Affiliation: PhD student; Department of Philosophy

Anticipated Graduation Year: 2024

Faculty Advisor: Shelbi Nahwilet Meissner

Bio: Elisa is a doctoral student studying philosophy with a focus on social epistemology, bioethics, and philosophy of language. She also has interests in the history of medicine, anti-colonial scholarship, philosophy of science, AI ethics, and drug development research. 

Portrait of Sarah Laird

Sarah Laird

Project Title: If Pachacuti Ran Your Hospital: What Inca and Andean Healing Practices Reveal About the Importance of Rituals in Medicine

Affiliation: Georgetown College, Class of 2021

Faculty Advisor: Erick Langer

Bio: Sarah is a senior at Georgetown University studying history and pre-medical sciences. She is set to attend medical school in Fall 2021 and is excited to take what she learned from this thesis with her throughout her career.  

Portrait of Anjali Britto

Anjali Britto

Project Title: A Visual Ethnography of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Affiliation: School of Foreign Service, Class of 2022

Faculty Advisor: Toni-Lee Sangastiano

Bio: Anjali is a junior in the School of Foreign Service studying Science, Technology and International Affairs, with a certificate in Diplomatic Studies. Through this project, she hopes to explore the potential of the visual medium to create knowledge, specifically about the human experience of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Portrait of Rachael Johnson

Rachael Johnson

Project Title: Chrono-Biopolitics and Disability in William Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury

Affiliation: Georgetown College, Class of 2022

Faculty Advisor: Libbie Rifkin

Bio: Rachael is a junior on the pre-medical track pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a Certificate in Asian Studies. Outside of the Medical Humanities Research Fellowship, she is interested in cancer research, health equity, and creative arts interventions.

Portrait of Saba Nia

Saba Nia

Project Title: How Writing Heals: Assessing the Expressive Writing Program at Georgetown’s Lombardi Arts and Humanities Program

Affiliation: Georgetown College, Class of 2023

Faculty Advisor: Julia Langley

Bio: Saba is a pre-med student interested in researching the psychological benefits of expressive writing and how it can be used to address the issues of vulnerable populations, including refugees. When she is not conducting research within the Psychology Department or serving as a Teaching Assistant in the Biology Department, Saba enjoys reading, writing poetry, and swimming in the ocean.