Student Advisory Board

The Georgetown Humanities Initiative is delighted to welcome a new cohort of students who have been selected as Advisory Board Members for AY 2023-24. They will work closely with the Initiative’s Director to develop student-focused programming for Georgetown Humanities and share their perspectives via articles for the Georgetown Humanities newsletter and website.

Some of them contribute to GHI in their capacity as HALC Students Fellows. They advise faculty on how to enhance the potential of the Humanities: Arts, Literature, and Culture (HALC) Core requirement as an introduction and gateway to the Cultural Humanities at Georgetown, helping students be more intentional in their choice of HALC courses.

Advisory Board Members for AY 2023-24

Emma Valentina Cuppone (SFS‘25)

Major in International Politics
Her interests lie in exploring the human aspects within the field of conflict resolution. She believes humanities is the framework to weave threads of culture and art to mend the fabric of peace, stitching cross-cultural harmony into international relations.

Rafic Eid (C’26)

Major in Philosophy
The Humanities at Georgetown have provided him with intellectual challenges, broadened his perspective and musical interests, and, most importantly, have helped him to create connections with others.

Tanvi Kamath (C’26)

Major in Sociology & American Studies
She is interested in the ways that the arts intersect with various forms of global resistance.

Priscilla Kim (SFS’26)

Major in International Political Economy
She is interested in what it means to be human in an era of globalization, conflict resolution, and the power of music to unite people.

Sophia Lu (SFS’26)

Major in Science, Technology, and International Affairs
She’s fascinated by the intersection between media and technology, specifically how new innovations are reshaping the face of content creation and information flows across borders.

Aayush Murarka (SFS’26)

Major in Culture and Politics
They love the study of the humanities because it reminds us that nothing exists in a vacuum.

Daniyal Nisbet (C’26)

Major in Linguistics
He hopes to explore the ways that he can give back to communities through composition. He believes that the humanities allows us to bridge cultural gaps, forging connections where we sometimes least expect them.

Katherine Reid (C’25)

Major in Government & Classics
She is particularly interested in how these studies complement each other, especially in how foundational literature throughout history has shaped cultural values of heroism, virtue, and civic leadership.

Julian Zeitlinger (C’26)

Major in Government & English
His interests include political theory, American literature, especially Southern Gothic, constitutional law, film, and art. He is particularly eager to explore the intersection between political science and the humanities.