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2023 ADE/ADL Summer Seminar “Centering the Humanities”

The topic “Centering the Humanities” fostered discussions about humanities responses to current social and pedagogical challenges; strategies to connect the humanities to the…

June 5, 2023


David Pickel: A Renaissance Man for Roman Italy

David Pickel joined the Georgetown Humanities Initiative for the 2022-2023 academic year as an American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) Emerging Voices postdoctoral fellow. …

April 26, 2023


Amitav Ghosh at 2023 Voices on the Environment

Amitav Ghosh is the internationally-recognized author of The Calcutta Chromosome, The Glass Palace, The Nutmeg’s Curse, The Great Derangement: Climate Change and the…

March 31, 2023


Global Humanities Series “Understanding and Including Forced Migrants and Refugees: Responses from the Humanities”

On February 22, 2023, “Scholars and Migrants Working Together: Activism Across Borders” involved a conversation with two language and migration scholars who have been working…

March 28, 2023


Humanities Faculty Work in Progress

On March 23, 2023, Prof. Huaping Lu-Adler (Department of Philosophy) presented her current research project “Scholarship and (Anti-)Racism—Lessons from Studying Immanuel…

March 24, 2023


New Humanities Work in Global Justice Book Talks

As the first of a new series of Zoom book talks on “New Work in Global Justice,” on March 15, 2023, Georgetown Humanities welcomed Madhumita Lahiri (English and…

March 16, 2023


Non-Academic Professional Opportunities for Humanities Ph.D. Students

A panel on February 1st, 2023, explored alternative careers in professional associations and federal agencies in education.  Victoria Sams (Ph.D. in Comparative Literature,. …

March 2, 2023


Georgetown Humanities Initiative Book Manuscript Workshop Grants

After featuring Professor Bradley Gorski in our Fall 2022 issue, we are now delighted to showcase another recipient of a GHI Book Manuscript Workshop Grant–Professor Amani…

January 20, 2023


Global Humanities Seminar Series “Understanding and Including Forced Migrants and Refugees: Responses from the Humanities”

Thanks to a grant from the Office of the Vice President for Global Engagement, the Georgetown Humanities Initiative and the Initiative for Multilingual Studies organized the year…

December 16, 2022


Professor Julia Watts Belser launches “Disability and Climate Change: A Public Archive Project”

We are thrilled to announce the completion of the first project sponsored by a Georgetown Humanities Initiative Booster Grant, sponsoring interdisciplinary humanistic research…

December 16, 2022