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Jillian Seitz

“I hope to explore the intersection between language, the human mind, and conflict, and how these all inform the cultures we all move through.
~ Jillian Seitz (CAS’24)”

Y Pinhasi

“I’m interested in the application of rhetoric and linguistics to political movements, US constitutional law, and issues of identity and economy.
~ Y Pinhasi (SFS’25)”

“My focus is on race and ethnic studies and visual and media culture, especially transmedia adaptations.
~ Amanda Yen (CAS’23)”

Humanities Provide a Sense of Place

My humanities education at Georgetown provided me with this sense of place.  Though I fully believe that things like theater, literature, and music can be evaluated on their own, simply for what they are, I also believe in the ability of history and culture to lend meaning to them.

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From a Love of Opera to a Love of Language

At Georgetown, I worked backwards from an interest in opera to develop comprehension and literacy in each constituent piece of an inherently interdisciplinary art form.

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The Objectivity of Writing in the Humanities

Writing felt empowering for Ali; the ability to express views at a public level and see readers engage with it brought a surge of fulfillment.

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“My time at Georgetown allowed me to further broaden my horizons and pursue my interest in different cultures through Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian courses.”

Martina’s Story