Driven by the creativity and dedication of faculty, students, and visiting scholars, we aim to promote dialogue, community-building and activism through conferences, lectures, workshops, and conversations, also in partnership with other universities and cultural institutions.

Student Stories

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“My humanities education at Georgetown provided me with this sense of place. ”

Julia’s Story

Because our class was small, we were able to have a rich discussion every class and all students were able to contribute their ideas. ”

Olivia’s Story

“In an era of sensational news and alternative facts, forcefully creating provocative content can be a disservice to readers and in fact, a disservice to yourself.”

Ali’s Story

Finding Comfort in Humanities

Throughout my four years at Georgetown I have studied many subjects, from neuroscience to Russian culture. My studies in the humanities in particular equipped me with valuable skills I carry with me through all facets of life.

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Faculty Stories

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“When I taught the course in Fall 2020, I recognized that we had just marked a century since the start of the New Negro Renaissance period.”

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“Dr. Tartici wanted to use the course as a tool to study how the narratives of immigrants form a core feature of the American literary and cultural landscape and have given rise to new forms of experimental writing.”

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“The cohort experience provided me the opportunity to develop and workshop a new HALC course from the ground up (and, importantly, to do so before the considerations imposed by the pandemic).”

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