CALL Humanities Fellowship for Undergraduates

Humanities @ The Capitol Applied Learning Labs (The CALL) is now recruiting Fall 2022 fellows! Our Humanities Fellows pursue a semester-long integrated professional humanities-focused research experience while living downtown with convenient access to a multitude of archives and cultural institutions in downtown DC. Fellows maintain a full Georgetown course load and are eligible for additional research funds.

Fellows may choose their research experience (three experiential models are listed below), these experiences are designed to:

Application deadline is April 30. Apply here.

An integrated professional research opportunity in the Humanities 

Launching in Fall 2022, Humanities @ The CALL is a new integrated opportunity for undergraduate students from all majors to gain professional research experience through a Humanities research-based internship or project, coupled with curated Humanities courses and supported by faculty mentorship centered around Washington, D.C. 

Students learn to apply skills at the center of a humanities curriculum to advance research and deepen their capabilities for a humanistic approach to our complex world. CALL Students live and take coursework at Georgetown’s expanding Capitol Campus. The location of the CALL allows convenient and direct access to the multitude of archives and cultural institutions in downtown DC. Immersed in the DC community with a cohort of peers and faculty mentors from diverse disciplines, students are challenged to develop an interdisciplinary lens that informs innovative approaches to the complex challenges they take on in their professional experience and coursework. 

Professional experience 

Through Humanities @ the CALL, students have the opportunity to engage in research related to humanities in three ways: 

Humanities Coursework 

Students will fill out a full semester of credit with a combination of humanities-focused courses and others of interest at the CALL. 

This course is a foundational experiential learning course, designed for all students irrespective of whether you are (1) interning at a Humanities-based institution conducting research or (2) conducting research for a professor and/or 3) conducting an independent research project. 

This writing-intensive course is devoted to analyzing the spaces and places of Washington DC – public and private, majestic and mundane. 

Related Humanities Offerings at the CALL: 

Humanities Fellows Student Research Fund 

The Georgetown Humanities Initiative is making available student research and professional development funds up to $2,000 per student for this opportunity. Students can apply to use funds toward their research including travel, books, etc. Students should also note that during their Humanities @ The CALL semester, they will learn about and develop proposals for future funding opportunities that can further their academic and professional pursuits. 

Interested students can apply here on the CALL website. 

For more information, please contact Abigail Lewis, CALL Director, at