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Inspired by the Jesuits and the University’s mission to promote a liberal arts education, Georgetown Humanities Initiative is at the center of our university’s scholarly and public engagement.

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Ancient Echoes, Modern Reverberations: An Interview with Professor Claire Catenaccio on the Continuing Resonance of the Classics

In this interview, Georgetown Humanities Student Fellow Julian Zeitlinger interviews Professor Claire Catenaccio from the Department of Classics about Classical Reception Studies, a sub-field of Classics which examines modern works of art and other cultural phenomena influenced by Greek and Roman antiquity.

July 3, 2024


Yogita Goyal, “Genres of Anticolonialism”

Prof. Goyal argued against influential narratives of failed states and failed genres to rethink the valence of anticolonial visions of revolution amid the pervasive sense of crisis and…

December 14, 2023


Quelle voix pour les universitaires dans les débats sur les sujets de société?” A Conversation with Prof. Jennifer Tamas (Rutgers University)

A specialist of early modern French literature, Prof. Tamas has received remarkable attention in the media for her reexamination of the French canon through the female gaze, retracing an…

December 14, 2023

Meet the 2023-2024 Georgetown Humanities Initiative Student Advisory Board Members

The Georgetown Humanities Initiative is delighted to work with a new cohort of students who have been selected as Advisory Board Members for AY 2023-24. They will work closely with the Initiative’s Director to develop student-focused programming for Georgetown Humanities and share their perspectives via articles for the Georgetown Humanities newsletter and website.

Meet the new GHI Student Board