Student Stories

Finding Comfort in Humanities

Martina Benedetti Marshall (C’20)

French major; Psychology minor
Recipient, E. Joseph McCarthy Award

Throughout my four years at Georgetown I have studied many subjects, from neuroscience to Russian culture. My studies in the humanities in particular equipped me with valuable skills I carry with me through all facets of life. In an Ignatius Seminar with President DeGioia, arguably one of the most formative courses of my academic career, I grappled with the concept of justice through multiple lenses. Questioning the very definition of and applications of different notions shaped my approach to learning for the following years.

As a French major and Psychology minor I am fascinated by the role of language and culture in social psychology, and my academic journey has allowed me to explore these interests both inside and outside of the classroom. I spent the entirety of my Junior year studying in Paris, where I directly matriculated into French universities and enrolled in watercolor courses at a local art studio, pursuing my passion for art and literature in a new cultural context. French opened up a variety of personally and professionally fulfilling experiences as it allowed me not only to study and work in France, but also engage with Francophone communities in the U.S. through jobs at Georgetown and the French embassy in Washington D.C. My trajectory reinforced my belief that studying a foreign language is an invaluable way to overcome personal and cultural barriers.

Student Story