Theo-Humanism: Professor Paul Heck Launches New MOOC Course on edX

Looking for a pathway to boost your knowledge of theology and humanism? Combining forces with edX (new window)—a platform specifically designed for massive open online courses (MOOC)—Georgetown Theology & Religious Studies Professor Paul Heck recently released a course titled, “Theo-Humanism: God’s Ways in Today’s World.”

Here’s a brief description of the content that will be covered:

This course is based on a classical method of theology that begins from the workings of our own humanity. Drawing on a heritage of humanistic literature, enriched by the work of university experts across disciplines, this course looks to common human experiences for insight into God and God’s ways. The theo-humanism goal is for all people to become theologically empowered.

The course starts August 17, 2020.

Read the full details about Prof. Heck’s course here (new window).