Humanities Centers as Sites for Dissent: A Panel Discussion at George Mason University

On December 2, Professor Nicoletta Pireddu was invited to speak at the Center for Humanities Research of George Mason University in a panel on “Humanities Centers as Sites of Dissent.” The discussion focused on how centers foster research during turbulent times and how we encourage and support the study of dissent, considered broadly across time periods and disciplines.

The panel also hosted Sylvester Johnson (Founding Director of the Virginia Tech Center for Humanities), Wendy S. Hesford (Faculty Director of Global Arts and Humanities Discovery Theme, Ohio State University) and Susan Van Pelt Petry (Professor of Dance and Faculty Fellow for the Global Arts and Humanities, Ohio State University).

Flyer for Humanities Centers as Sites of Dissent Event (It has a purple banner at the top and four headshots of the speakers stacked on top of one another with their name and titles below)
Flyer that features a purple banner at the top that reads, “Humanities Centers as Sites of Dissent: A Virtual Panel Discussion” in white text. Below that is the date of the event (Wednesday, Dec 2nd, 4–5pm) and a link to the Zoom URL. There are four headshots included: (Top left) Wendy S. Hesford: Faculty Director of Global Arts + Ohio Humanities Discovery Theme and Ohio Eminent Scholar and Professor of English, Ohio State University; (Top right) Nicoletta Pireddu: Inaugural Director, Georgetown Humanities Initiative and Professor of Comparative Literature; (Bottom left) Sylvester Johnson: Founding director, Virginia Tech Center for Humanities; Professor of Religion and Culture; Assistant Vice Provost for Humanities; (Bottom right) Susan Van Pelt Petry: Professor of Dance and Faculty Fellow for the Global Arts + Humanities, Ohio State University