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The Good Life at the End of Life

On September 20, Prof. Paul Heck (Theology Department) organized and moderated a discussion on medical and spiritual views on the meaning of the good life during the last stages…

September 25, 2021


Panel Discusses Recent Book, The Teaching Archive

On August 25, we opened the semester with a forum on an important recent book, The Teaching Archive: A New History for Literary Study, by Laura Heffernan and Rachel Sagner. …

August 28, 2021


Public Writing: Translating Humanities Insights into Writing that Makes a Difference

Because much of students’ work after college or graduate school will be in written forms, this course aims to help students succeed by helping them develop the ability to…

July 13, 2021


New Voices on the Environment Series a Success

The Georgetown Humanities Initiative, in partnership with the Georgetown Environment Initiative and the Laboratory for Global Performance & Politics, launched “Voices on…

April 28, 2021


In Dialogue with Angela Glover Blackwell: Exploring Narrative in the Context of Community-Based Change

A GGCI Visiting Fellow, Angela Glover Blackwell is an American attorney, civil rights advocate, and author. In 1999, she founded the research and advocacy nonprofit organization…

March 25, 2021

Student Stories

Kaitlyn Reynolds (C’21) and Eliza Lafferty (C’20) reflect on Professor Ian Bourland’s “Exiles and Diasporas” Class

One of the most effective projects from “Exiles and Diasporas” was an assignment that encouraged us to trace our own family histories. This project increased buy-in and…

December 18, 2020


Interdisciplinary Humanities Pedagogy: HALC Faculty Fellows Create New Courses to Meet Demand

"The most helpful aspect of the HALC Faculty Fellows program was, for me, the ways in which it pushed me to rethink assessment in the classroom, and the possibilities for a more…

December 18, 2020


Georgetown Humanities Initiative Welcomes First Postdoctoral Fellow

Ayten Tartici (Ph.D. Comparative Literature, Yale University) joined the Georgetown Humanities Initiative for the 2020–21 academic year as an American Council of Learned…

December 16, 2020


Interdisciplinary Scholar Joel Michael Reynolds joins Disability Studies Program and Department of Philosophy

Joel Michael Reynolds—a specialist in the philosophy of disability, bioethics, modern European philosophy, and social epistemology—joined Georgetown University as an…

December 15, 2020


Humanities Centers as Sites for Dissent: A Panel Discussion at George Mason University

On December 2, Professor Nicoletta Pireddu was invited to speak at the Center for Humanities Research of George Mason University in a panel on “Humanities Centers as Sites of…

December 12, 2020